I’m often asked how quickly one might expect to see changes with the activities I teach. Some changes are immediate, while others take time. Here’s a text that I received from a family earlier this week:

Hey Elizabeth! Just wanted to share! Last night Emma was so restless, rolling all around, not able to sleep. We did bottom rocking with her and she immediately calmed and fell asleep within a couple of minutes!!!

This crossing midline movement can be very calming for the nervous system. It helps to bring in the parasympathetic nervous system (the rest and digest system) allowing the body to relax. Additionally, it is a passive rhythmical activity that stimulates the spinal reflexes which can be at the root of restlessness.

Parents and caregivers do this movement innately with babies to help lull them to sleep. Yet, it is a wonderful lifelong tool to use at any age.

Many of the movements and activities I use in my practice help to build new neural networks in the nervous system. Changes may take time, yet often I receive reports of  instant gratification from parents. This text is a perfect example of a simple, yet an incredibly impactful change for this child and family.