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Unlock potential

Many children and adults strive to do the best they can only to become frustrated, disappointed and feel misunderstood by the world around them. Their true potential may be limited by neurological immaturity, which can make daily life harder to handle. It can also contribute to ADD/ADHD, sensory processing disorders, autism, speech and language delays, dyslexia, PTSD, cerebral palsy, depression, anxiety and more. Most therapies treat the symptoms by working to overcome deficiencies. Our approach is different.

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Our brains have a remarkable ability to change and grow.

Build a stronger foundation

Our brains have a remarkable ability to change and grow.

At Thrive, we identify and correct underlying neurological immaturities. We use a movement-based program, nutritional considerations, along with other modalities to address retained primitive reflexes, impaired executive functions and perceptual processing issues. In response, our brains build stronger neural connections to higher cortical centers. This neurological growth benefits all aspects of an individual’s life.

  • Social and emotional health
  • Speech and language development
  • Focus and attention abilities
  • Learning and memory capabilities
  • Gross motor and fine motor skills

We welcome each individual where they are at on their neurological journey. Thrive offers a calm space where children and adults can feel safe to voice their needs and ask for help. We develop a plan unique to each patient but are guided by the individual’s tolerance for therapeutic modalities. Labels and diagnoses aside, we focus on the potential for neural growth and are passionate about impacting peoples’ lives.

Live with true potential.

What clients say about Thrive

When we first started, my son had very high anxiety, which was affecting every aspect of his life. Through therapy with Liz, the number of meltdowns has significantly decreased, and more importantly the intensity has decreased. He is better able to manage his anxiety. Now we are seeing more independence at home, as well as at school.

Liz has been a wonderful advocate for my son. She asks for updates, checks in on him when stressful events are coming up, and really connects with him. I am so thankful we found Liz and Thrive! It was a game changer in our house.

LaurieDowners Grove

Elizabeth Hickman has made all the difference in my family’s life. She goes beyond the role of a therapist. She is an advocate for my child and a supporter of my family. She has given my child a positive way to think of and frame his challenges. Her therapy aims to treat symptoms by treating root causes, which is always the proper methodology. My son is vastly improved and loves his weekly time with “Miss Elizabeth.”


Where to begin? Let’s start with how what Miss Liz works on, RMT, is fascinating and makes so much sense. RMT explains so many gaps in our son’s development and it’s almost addicting to put all the pieces together. Couple that with how wonderful she is as a therapist (not to mention sounding board, coach, and person), and you’ve found a great place for your child and your family. It felt “right” to me the moment I spoke to her and  once we met, I was certain that this was where we needed to be – all of us. Of course, the growth we have seen in our son is tremendous. He’s going through all the stages he skipped and is coming into his own. It is fantastic to watch him bloom daily before our eyes. We’ve done years and years of various types of therapies, so I know a great therapy and therapist when I see one, and Miss Liz is the absolute best. I cannot recommend her more highly. We love Miss Liz!

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