A smiling lady

Elizabeth Hickman

Thrive founder and owner, Masters of Physical Therapy (MPT)

RMTi Consultant, Certified Irlen Screener, Educator

A graduate of Northwestern Medical School, Elizabeth is a licensed Physical Therapist (MPT) working primarily in the schools with children. Practicing since 2001, she noticed a growing number of students with no diagnoses but challenged by the school setting. Physical therapy training programs offer explanations only as they relate to hard diagnoses. Without a diagnosis, a normally developing child should be able to throw a ball, skip or stay in their chair. Why was she seeing so many children with challenges that didn’t make sense? Teachers would probe for information that she couldn’t provide. Elizabeth wanted answers beyond what traditional PT could provide.

Determined to help these school children feel more successful and then having a child of her own with regulation challenges and underlying anxiety, Elizabeth dove deeper. While researching, she discovered the importance of primitive reflexes when dealing with the nervous systems’ development. This led to a concentrated study of reflex integration, nutrition and other strategies that has completely transformed her practice to help children and adults. She has developed a comprehensive movement-based program using various modalities to build stronger neural connections. She is passionate about the neuroplasticity of the brain and the opportunity for change.