A smiling boy

I love sharing stories with you about some of the transformations my families experience. They demonstrate the amazing benefits of reflex integration. Read about Michael’s recent breakthrough after an RMTi session:

I just wanted to share something that has been happening since Tuesday’s session.

Whenever characters on TV (like Daniel Tiger) ask a question of their listeners and wait for an answer, Michael has always hidden under a pillow since he can’t handle them looking through the TV at him.

Our other son has always done it just fine, and enjoys the interaction with his favorite characters.  Since our last session, Michael has started answering the characters on TV!!  It’s been so fun to watch!! 

Daniel Tiger: “What do you think I am pretending to be?” 

Michael: “A horse!  No, a sheep!”

This child’s nervous system shows immaturities in the ability to assess the safety of social interactions depicted on screens and various forms of technology. His limbic system, or emotional center, continues to use immature patterns and senses fear with the unnatural eye contact.

Through a session using reflex integration techniques followed by home program activities, this child has been able to build stronger neural networks through his safety and security system. This mother’s feedback exemplifies his increased ability to distinguish between the unpredictability of social cues experienced through screens.