Insurance / Forms


Thrive Therapy is an out of network provider. After each session, Thrive will provide a receipt with the amount paid and applicable therapeutic codes to submit to your insurance provider for potential reimbursement. Since not all diagnosis codes are covered, you should call your insurance provider in advance to check. Once you reach your out of network deductible, insurance would reimburse you directly based on their out of network rate.

We also request a prescription from your primary care physician (PCP). Thrive can provide paperwork explaining the therapy and associated diagnostic codes so your PCP is aware and can provide the necessary prescription. If there are other members on the individual’s healthcare team, Thrive can reach out to them to maximize continuity of care.


We have various forms used at different stages of treatment. They are designed to help us understand patient challenges, develop growth goals and monitor progress. We email the appropriate forms for you to print out and complete in advance so we have time to thoroughly review before the initial evaluation. Feel free to include any other recent evaluations that may be helpful from your team of providers.


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