Quick Tips to Calm the Nervous System

With chronic mental, emotional or physical stress, our nervous system can get stuck in high alert. Examples of behaviors will vary depending on age, yet examples might include:

  • Extremes in regulation
  • Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
  • Night terrors or Sleep Walking
  • Emotional Outbursts or Tantruming
  • Fleeing and/or becoming combative
  • Hard time expressing yourself because you’re feeling overwhelmed
  • Anxiety, irritability or heart racing
  • Feeling overwhelmed by sensory stimulation
  • Strong emotions that don’t match the size of the problem

These are a few simple and effective ways to regulate the nervous system:

  • Rhythmical Movements – Rhythmical Movements help to stimulate parts of the brain which bring balance to the Autonomic Nervous System.
  • Epsom salt baths – The Magnesium helps to reduce the symptoms related to stress, anxiety, sleeplessness and digestive issues.
  • Eliminate food dyes, preservatives and additives – They act as neurotoxins and can impede certain brain functions for up to 12 hours.
  • Sleep – With the proper amount of sleep for your age, you can reconnect with natural circadian rhythms to restore the nervous system.
  • Deep nasal breathing – Helps train the body’s reaction to stressful situations and dampen the production of harmful stress hormones.
  • Reduce technology usage – Close proximity to electromagnetic pollution from a wide range of devices disrupts the electrical communication between nerve cells.
  • Hugs – Hugs increase neurotransmitters that regulate feelings of well-being.
Hugging a child